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   專題演講 Plenary Speech


奚密 教授 Prof. Michelle Yeh







          “A Free-flowing Song: The Significance of Music in Yang Mu’s Poetry”


Music is a major recurrent motif in Yang Mu’s oeuvre. This paper addresses the following questions: 1. What are the sources of musical motifs in Yang Mu’s poetry? 2. What imagistic and semantic significance do they have? and 3. In what way are musical motifs intrinsically related to Yang Mu’s poetics? Through textual and contextual analyses, this paper aims to offer a new perspective on Yang Mu’s poetry.




邱貴芬教授 Prof. Kuei-fen Chiu 







         "Yang Mu and The Taiwan Literature Archives: The "Worldliness" of Taiwan Literature"


In 2014 the “Yang Mu Digital Archive” was set up as a joint effort between the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, National Chung Hsing University and the Dong Hwa University. Professor Tseng Chen-chen and the young writer Hsieh Wang-lin selected the content material, while I supervised the website organization and digital layout. The “Yang Mu Digital Archive” was constructed with the intention to introduce an innovative way of approaching Yang Mu and his ouvre in the digital age. If translation is taken to grant literary works “afterlife” and provides a bridge between local literature and world literature, what role may the Yang Mu Digital Archive play in constituting the “worldliness” of Yang Mu ‘s writings in the new age?





陳芳明 教授 Prof. Fang-ming Chen







           “The Late Style of Yang Mu’s Poetry”


The time consciousness revealed in Yang Mu’s poetry is exceedingly fiery and clairvoyant, illustrating to us that the poet has an unremitting urge to speak to the world from the depth of his inner self.  From “A Draw in Chess” (<和棋>) onward, he started to show an unprecedented benevolent turn, almost Buddha-like.  His most recent collection, Long and Short Songs (《長短歌行》), demonstrates a distinct sense of time much more perceptive than his previous works.  His late style has nothing to do with aging, but upholds a more and more tolerant attitude toward the world and acquires a masterful touch that dashes out uncanny lines as if setting poetry free. 



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